Played by:Amber Marshall

Amy is devastated by her mother Marion’s death but soon discovers she shares her mother’s gift in helping injured horses. She is determined to gain Spartan’s trust, and see his promise fulfilled as a jumper. They've both gone through a trauma and they're both healing. Amy reluctantly lets Ty into her life and they grow to like and trust each other. When Ty and Amy kiss, Amy believes that their relationship is moving to the next level, only to find an empty room and a note from Ty, who has left Heartland.

Played by: Michelle Morgan

Lou, Amy’s older sister, has returned from New York after her mother’s death. She may think she's left the country girl in the dust, but once back in Heartland, there's too many people who "knew her when", like Scott, for her to get away with it. After turning down her New York boyfriend's marriage proposal, Lou finally realizes that Scott loves her and she decides to take a chance. But what will eventually win Lou's heart: a big job offer in the city, or Scott?

Played by: Gramham Wardle

With a pretty spotted past still fresh in his mind, Ty is like an abused horse: slow to trust, difficult to train. At first, Amy and Ty are like oil and water but they eventually gain a mutual respect. Ty, however, pulls the classic "kiss-and-run" routine, leaving a note for Amy explaining why he had to leave Heartland.

Played by: Shaun Johnston

Jack’s world changed overnight when his daughter Marion died and he’s left to run Heartland and care for his granddaughters Amy and Lou. Jack also brings Ty on board to help with Heartland – a decision he worries will come back to haunt him. And, after many years of the bachelor life, Jack starts dating again - with help (or hindrance) from Mallory.

Played by: Chris Potter

Even though Tim, Amy and Lou’s estranged father, has been away from Heartland for years, he has secretly kept in touch with Lou. Now, Tim's moved back to Hudson, where he takes a job as a foreman on a ranch that's several miles away from Heartland. After butting heads with Jack for such a long time, Tim earns his way back into the family by showing he can, and will, be a source of support for both Amy and Lou.

Played by: Jessica Amlee

An only child and avid horse lover, Mallory lives at Mahwa, a ranch next to Heartland. She is way too old and wise for her years and she's a bit of a busy body, eavesdropping when she shouldn't be, telling tales, and getting involved in things that don't concern her. She gives Jack plenty of dating advice, but who will she get advice from herself, when a young cowboy takes a liking to her?

Played by: Nathaniel Arcand

Native Canadian, smart and relatively easy going, Scott, with Marion’s help, stuck it out in high school and won a scholarship to a veterinary college - his life long dream. He’s had a crush on Lou since he was a teen. After patiently waiting for Lou to notice his feelings, Scott seizes his opportunity and tells Lou how he feels.

Played by: Kerry James

Ty leaving Heartland left an opening for a stable hand. This resulted in Caleb arriving at Heartland where he and Amy get off to a bit of a rocky start as Caleb doesn't believe Amy has what it takes to tame a wild mustang.

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