Spartan is a 5-year old throughbred who was injured in mom and amys accident. He's spirited, with a broken trust of humans from to many months of abuse and neglect. Amy and Spartan have alot in common; there both emotionally fragile and afraid to be hurt again.

Spartan and Amy have a very strong emotional bond and their win at the Fall Finale has been a confidence boster for both of them.


Pegasus  was my Dads horse when he was a Bull dogging on the redeo circut. Ten years ago at the Calgary Stampede,  he missed his steer, lost control and then crashed! Pegasus fell over and almost crushed my dad.

Pegasus was so badly injured that the Vet told my mother that Pegasus would have to be put down, my mom  refused to give Pegasus up. So, she used her gifts to nurture the Pegasus back to health. Amy still takes care of Pegasus to this day,but Pegasus dreadfully suffers from the loss of mom, as we all do.


Copper had been abused, but mom has completely restored his trust in humans.

Now he is Mallory's chosen favorite.While she doesn't enjoy cleaning his stall, she  definitely enjoys riding him.

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