Lisa Stillman took a chance on Amy when she entrusted her with Promise, a horse the refused to be saddled,It wasn't until Amy discovered that Promise's preivous owner was blind that she was able to understand the horse completely. Promise was always ridden bareback and used to being in control- a kind of "seeing eye" horse. Armed with this knowledge, Amy was able to gently treat Promise's fear of saddles and soon able to ride him in front of the whole town at heartland's open house.


Ben Stillman's Horse, Red is a skilled jumper, but doesn't seem to be living up to his potential. Red also has a fear of water, something Ben left untreated. Red's biggest problem turned out to be Ben and his desire to win jumping competitions at any cost. After Amy helped Ben cure Red's fear of water , Ben decided that another barn would be a better place for him to train.


Mrs. Bell's adorable miniature horse Sugarfoot came to stay at Heartland when Mrs. Bell became ill. Used to being doted over by Mrs.Bell, Sugarfoot eats a special diet of carmel rice cakes and skimmeed millk. Lou tried to hide how attached   to sugarfoot since she used to ride him when she was  a kid, Sugarfoot brings back alot of memories, She loves that little horse!

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