I think everyone is wondering what will happen in Season 3 of Heartland.What do want to see?
10/2/2009 07:52:55 am

I would like to see alot of new horses being healed..Especially all on the whole Ty and Amy thing, I meant hey are FINALLY togather and i hope it stays that way! I had just made a fan page for heartland on myspace, check it out just type in heart! and it will hopefully show not a lot has been on it but i just made it like 2 weeks ago and iwould just like to talke and meet with all tou heartland fans out there and share opinions and what not so if u can check it out:)

11/14/2009 06:50:45 am

I'm french and I've already watch season 1 and 2 of heartland (I loved it) In season 3 I would like to see new horses, and I hope Amy and Ty will stay together. I like caleb and ash so I hope they will be together too. sorry if my english isn't very good!

3/7/2010 06:22:36 am

I have so enjoyed Hearland series~
I was so happy to see Mallary return from her gathic mess~Love to see a show with horses in it AWESOME~nice to see a good clean show wtihout cussing so much~love it keep up the good work~
only thing I could do without is the Indian medataion freaky stuff~ looking forward to new series~

7/15/2010 06:57:14 am

hey :)
i am from Poland and first i was just reading books "Heartland" and i fell in love in it :) :)
and then...
i just saw on youtube something what was named "HEARTLAND" and i couldn't believe that now i can watch it !!
it's only in english but it isn't any problem for me ;) i love it... realy..
in poland there are only 12 books of heartland in polish so I am waiting for next books :):)
i started watching it 3 days ago... and now... i am finishing season 2 ! :):)
and I think Heartland serial was a great idea and it is for girls in all age , :) i am 16 and I just can't stop thinking about it :) realy :)

sorry for my english, i know that it is not so great but i think you understand what is on my mind :)

kiss from Poland :)

12/24/2010 03:22:04 am

Is there going to be a season 4? I really loved watching 1-3:)


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