So, what did you think of this episode? Did you see the glare Ty and Amy gave each other at the wedding .Caleb, don't get me started. Ashley over at his place and when the where out and he took the call from Ashley and said she was a nice kid and he liked her. Soo, do you think Mallory cured the horse or was it because Diva Girl needed to be a horse? Lou and Lisa do you think she over stepped her boundries; who do you think owes an apology to who? So tell me what you think.

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1/28/2009 07:25:19 am

I loved this Episode! I can so tell that Amy & Ty still like each other.:) I felt bad for Amy when she went to see Caleb and Ashley was there;but then again i was happy that Amy most likely will ditch Caleb now.hehehe I think Diva girl just needed to have room to run around and not be in a stall. I think Lou & Lisa both need to apologize cause the both over stepped there boundries. Jack really needs to calm down. I really hope Ty & Amy get together soon!!

1/31/2009 01:27:39 pm

Hey, I liked this episode but I so totally think that Ty and Amy should be together. I mean Caleb wasn't even mentioned in the books. Okay I am going to take the time now to tell you that I appreciate you putting up these episodes because I don't have cable and I have read all the books. I don't have a Youtube account so I can't leave comments, but I really love all the episodes. I also really like the Pepper Dennis show. I hope you keep posting those. I love you and keep uploading.

2/1/2009 08:52:03 am

I think this one was good. I felt really sorry for Amy and think that it just shows how insensitive he is! I really hope that Amy and Ty will get back together! Its driving me crazy!
Also thank you for making this awesome website! You do such a great job on it!

2/8/2009 02:41:58 am

Amy is finaly not being so bitchy anymore.

The next episode is almost comming up!!!
I cant wait!!!


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