I think everyone is wondering what will happen in Season 3 of Heartland.What do want to see?

Wow! i LOVED this episode! Especially the parts between Amy & Ty.I have afeeling there going to get back together soon.I thought it was funny to hear whta Amy thought about Ty&Kit. its nice Jack and Tim are becoming friends again.It took alot of jack to say what he did.So, what do you think?

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What do you think will happen in this episode?

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Awww this episode was the best! i dint really like it that much at the begining.But when mallory goes goth that is so funny i would have liked to see everyone leses exppression?YOU? The end was super cutee.:]Ty and Amy are meant to be together, i just keep replaying that clip.We should thank the user tvroker on youtube for posting this episode to help out our normal uploader firblaze836.tv roker also has the whole 1st season of heartland on her account.So check it out! what are your thoughts???

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What are your predictions for this Episode?

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What were your thoughts on the episode? Do you think Lou and Peter will get over there major differences and date. Did you see Ty's simle when Amy sat next to him in the last scence and when they were with Acorn  talking about Caleb.Do you think Ty was talking about the horse or Amy when he said and Acorn got over it? What happened to KIt?Each episode just keeps getting better and better!So what do you think?

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What is your predictions for this episode?

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So, what did you think of this episode? Did you see the glare Ty and Amy gave each other at the wedding .Caleb, don't get me started. Ashley over at his place and when the where out and he took the call from Ashley and said she was a nice kid and he liked her. Soo, do you think Mallory cured the horse or was it because Diva Girl needed to be a horse? Lou and Lisa do you think she over stepped her boundries; who do you think owes an apology to who? So tell me what you think.

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What did yout think of this episode?

i though it showed how Caleb really didn't like Amy. Ty and Amy are meant to be. What do you think will happen with them?

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