Season 2 - Episode 17

This Sunday on an all new Heartland...

The Winter landscapes can be spectacular in Canada, but in this Sunday's penultimate episode of Canada's favourite family hour ‑ entitled "Full Circle," the drama in the foreground is what captivates, as it heats up on several fronts. Click through for more!

In order to rebuild the trust between herself and Spartan, Amy takes her horse to a world‑famous First Nations “horse whisperer” named Victor Whitetail (Ben Cardinal) who her mother called a miracle worker. Victor's methodology is unorthodox, to say the least, and Amy learns a few new things ‑ including how to swing a golf club!

As for Ty, he is facing his own frustrations as he tries to break his new colt, Harley. In the process he learns a few lessons about horses and about himself.

Meanwhile the ever‑secretive Lou finds time to be alone with Peter (Gabriel Hogan) as their relationship continues to develop.

It's a solid hour of fun and drama, with a sprinkle of golf swings, mysticism and a very friendly Saint Bernard.

Here are a few photographs that do not give too much away.

As always, we hope you watch and enjoy "Full Circle" on Sunday at 7:00pm (7:30 in Newfoundland). Be sure to come back and comment on what you thought of our second to last episode of season two!

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