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Episode 15- Dark Horse

We told you that our fourth-last episode of season two was entitled "Dark Horse", but we may have misled you into thinking that something scary or sinister is going to happen on Heartland. Click through for more!

We refer you to two definitions of what a dark horse is - and both certainly apply to the upcoming new episode:

1) A little-known person: somebody about whom very little is known or who tends to be reticent, especially somebody who subsequently reveals unexpected talents, and

2) In sports or a competition an unexpectedly successful contestant: a little-known competitor who achieves unforeseen success in a race or other sports contest.

So without giving a lot away, we hope you enjoy episode 215, which will reveal more between Ashley and Caleb, Caleb and Amy, Amy and Ty, Ty and Kit, the rivalry between Jack and Tim, and interestingly enough... Val and Caleb.

And another thing that episode 215 has is horses - lots of them! Leila Basen, who along with writing partner David Preston wrote "Dark Horse," sent us the following information:

Back in the Golden Age of Hollywood, a dozen trailer trucks would pull up to the movie barns every day, loading up hundreds of horses for movie and television productions on the back lots of Universal and Warner Bros. That era passed decades ago, and with it, the heyday of the Hollywood cowboys. But now, horses are thundering across the screen again in "Dark Horse" on CBC's Heartland. And when Lou Fleming decides to resurrect the Hudson Charity Derby, a race that Grampa Jack describes as a knock 'em out, drag 'em down, no holds barred grudge match, the call went out for falling horses, rearing horses and expert stunt men and women to ride them. Of course, much has changed since the early days when the safety of the horse and rider were often sacrificed to get the shot. Under the expert guidance of stunt coordinator Tom Eirikson and renowned wrangler John Scott, the thrills and spills are carefully recreated for maximum, on-screen excitement, all the while keeping the horses and their stunt riders safe. But it's not just stunt doubles thundering across the foothills of Alberta. During the shooting of "Dark Horse," the cast of Heartland had to cowboy up and learn to become skilled riders in the way that was once second nature to Clark Gable, Gary Cooper and John Wayne. Here are some photos from this exciting episode. We hope you enjoy it, and come back and post your comments on Monday! Until then...

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