Episode 14 - Do or Die

On February 15 at 7:00pm (7:30 in Newfoundland) Ty is forced to deal with things in his past he would rather forget when Clint Riley - his old probation officer - brings two troubled kids, Tara and Badger, to Heartland for a weekend of teambuilding and discipline. Click through for pics and more...

Clint figures that since Heartland was so beneficial to Ty, how can the experience on the ranch not help these two? Of course things do not always run as smoothly as planned. The two new arrivals have a deep impact upon Heartland, and especially have an effect on Mallory, who is assigned to give the pair riding lessons.

Meanwhile, Val asks for Jack’s help with a deeply personal matter, Lou's feelings for Peter are still in play, and Amy learns something about Ty she did not know. There is a lot happening in Episode 214, entitled "Do or Die."

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