"Divorce Horse" Preview

Sunday, January 18 on an all-new Heartland; remember Mackenzie, one of the "corporate cowgirls," the trio of friends of Lou from New York who visited in episode 205? Well, Mackenzie - played by guest star Cara Pifko - has decided to have her wedding at Heartland. Read on for more...

There is something bad about the timing, as Lisa has just arrived with a "cursed" horse for Amy to treat - a beautiful Andalusian named Diva Girl who has been returned to Lisa by multiple owners, claiming the horse caused their divorce!

Lou already has her hands full, with the pressure of wanting to make sure Cara's wedding goes well, but when Lisa decides to help there is friction that no one could have seen coming.

Here are some photos from this Sunday's episode, entitled appropriately "Divorce Horse."

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